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Offering a range of packages, enjoy a casual drink at the bar, watch football, or indulge in an erotic massage. There’s plenty of space for intimacy, with options to meet our ladies in luxury rooms or the jacuzzi. We prioritize respect and safety for both our ladies and guests, valuing privacy and choice. For a special night out or to elevate your relationship with a VIP room and Jacuzzi, contact us.

Important: We respect everyone’s privacy and choices, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere in a luxurious setting where you can be yourself.


To get a glimpse of what awaits you, the ‘impressions’ section allows you to preview the ambiance of our luxurious lounges and rooms. Each space is designed with an atmosphere that promises to enhance your evening’s experience, making it more enjoyable and memorable.

Katy Thai Massage: erotische massage Den Haag

Do you want an erotic massage in The Hague? Then Katy Thai Massage is the right place for you! We are located at Prins Hendrikstraat 167. There has been an erotic club here for years, but in 2017 the club was taken over by Katy. Before that, she had a massage parlor in Aalsmeer for many years. The Katy Thai building was completely renovated in 2019. In our attractive club you can enjoy the best erotic massage in The Hague. We are licensed and all our work is completely legal.

You can contact us for various forms of erotic massage. For example, you can come to us for a Thai massage in The Hague. With this type of massage we use a smooth gel and you will ultimately be brought to a climax by one of our ladies. But you have also come to the right place for a tantra massage, body to body massage or even a Soft SM massage. You can easily book a massage via our website or by calling us.

Een geweldige ervaring inclusief erotische massage in Den Haag

At Katy Thai Massage you can enjoy a wonderful experience. Thai erotic massage is our specialty, but you can also simply enjoy yourself at the bar. Our club has a relaxed atmosphere. For example, you can also enjoy a jacuzzi or luxury room with one of the ladies. We also rent rooms that you can rent together with your partner, so that you can enjoy each other here.

Verschillende dames en ladyboys

Do you like to enjoy an erotic massage in The Hague? In our salon there are several ladies and ladyboys who can give you an erotic massage. Lovers can also visit our salon for a shemale massage in The Hague. Is it your fantasy to be massaged by a ladyboy? Or are you attracted to a different type of lady? Because we employ several ladies, there is always a lady who can take you to your peak.

Naturally, at Katy Thai Massage we have a lot of respect for our ladies. The safety of our ladies and guests is therefore paramount. For example, we also attach great importance to privacy. For this reason, our ladies have been depicted unrecognizably and not all ladies can be found on our website. In addition, our ladies decide for themselves what they are or are not open to. For example, they can choose not to participate in the proposal round. Our ladies can also choose to refuse guests. This way we keep our salon cozy and attractive for both our ladies and guests!

Wat voor erotische massage kies jij?

At Katy Thai Massage we are happy to help you relax through an erotic massage in The Hague. We offer different types of massages. Curious about which type of massage best suits your preferences? Below you will find a description of the different types of massages, so you know what to expect. Of course, your experience also depends on your personal wishes. With an erotic massage you can always indicate what you like or don’t like. Our ladies always take your wishes into account.

Body to body

With a body to body massage, the entire body is used for massage. With this type of massage, everything happens in the moment. There are therefore no fixed routines and patterns. The massage is given with complete dedication. Because a body to body massage consists of loving touches, this is an excellent way to relax. Our ladies use techniques to arouse and enhance sexual feelings. Ultimately, the lady in question will lovingly guide you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

Soft SM

Do you especially want an exciting erotic massage in The Hague? Then you can also go to Katy Thai for a Soft SM Massage. Respect is also central to this type of massage. You can indicate your limits in advance. Of course, a safe word is also agreed upon. The purpose of the massage is to enjoy, so we take your limits into account. Our professional ladies ensure that you can fully enjoy an exciting massage. The SM massage can also be expanded with additional actions. How about bondage, for example? We are happy to discuss your wishes and our options with you!


Tantra is a very popular type of erotic massage in The Hague. Tantra combines male and female energy. This erotic massage is very pleasant and relaxing at the moment, but also helps you to better manage your sexual energy. The energy released with a tantra massage can help you in many areas. For example, a tantra massage can help you improve your sex life.


This is possible in our luxurious bar, with all kinds of delicacies and a good atmosphere. After a drink you can choose one of the options to spend the evening with one of our ladies.


Do you like an exciting evening? Or do you opt for warm coziness? It’s all possible with one of our ladies. From gentle intimacy to erotic massages, it is all possible with us. Tell your wishes. PLEASE NOTE: We believe respect is a great asset. We therefore respect the freedom of choice of our ladies to, for example, refuse a ‘proposal round’.


Katy Thai Massage offers multiple services. This way you can get to know one of our ladies in the lounge or in one of our luxurious rooms. After this, you can enjoy an erotic massage or relax in a jacuzzi. There is also room for sex. You can discuss your wishes in advance in the lounge or with the lady. So a wide choice. It is important to know that Katy Thai Massage will do everything it can to give you an unforgettable evening! How that unforgettable evening will be completed is up to you and the lady of your choice. There is room for all kinds of aspects to enjoy and our ladies will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.

Please note: they prefer to work in a pleasant and safe atmosphere. Their safety is our number 1 priority.

Meet the ladies of Katy Thai Massage. They are all different but have in common that they will give you an unforgettable time. Choose the lady who appeals to you and tell us your wishes. We have room for many different aspects. Respect, convenience and enjoyment go hand-in-hand with our rule that the ladies can work in a pleasant and, above all, safe environment. Respect and safety are number 1 at Katy Thai Massage! Privacy is of great importance to us: the ladies are not shown in recognizable images upon request.









Mistress Alanya

Tarieven van Katy Thai Massage

For the prices below you will receive a body to body with happy ending.
If you want more from the ladies, this is possible and you can discuss this in advance with the lady in the room, this is outside of Katy Thai massage.
Ultimately, we make sure you feel comfortable and that you leave with a great experience!

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Are you looking for a job in our adult club/massage salon? We are looking for nice, spontaneous ladies, shemales or ladyboys aged 21 and older. The massages consist of erotic, body to body massages. You can also offer extras according to your own wishes. Experience is an advantage, but if you do not have it, do not hesitate to contact us; Some inexperience is no problem for us! You are given a free hand in determining which days and times you prefer to work or what suits you best. Moreover, you also get to choose which activities you want to carry out and which you do not want to carry out at all. You can use the free WiFi network and everything you earn will be paid out the same day. The wages are above average, so perfect! If you have applied with us and everything is going well, you can start right away. Maybe we’ll see you appear soon.

We are looking for Moroccan ladies. If you are interested, take a look at the website for contact.