Services of Katy Thai Massage


Tantra Massage

*gives sexual energy*
This way of eroticism brings together male and female energy. Tantra will ensure that you enjoy eroticism even more and that you can use your sexual energy to deal more creatively with certain things in your life. Among other things, it also helps you to focus better on the things that deserve attention.


*Total relaxation and release*
An erotic massage with body to body consists of loving touches full of attention and dedication. The giver and the receiver are completely absorbed and completely committed to each other. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow… don’t worry about anything else. Full attention is focused on both receiving and giving the massage. Routine and fixed patterns are out of the question because everything happens in the moment. This means fully conscious enjoyment where you are lovingly guided to the heights of pleasure. This massage uses techniques that arouse and strengthen sexual feelings.

Soft SM Massage

*Exciting, but with respect*
This massage is characterized by mutual respect: how far you want to go, that is exactly how far our ladies will go. With the SM massage you make your limits and your ‘safe word’ known in advance. Everything is about enjoyment and that only works when boundaries are not crossed. Our ladies are professional and will really make you enjoy this exciting massage! Once ‘surrendered’ you will experience something that you never expected in your wildest dreams could be so nice. You can expand the SM massage with actions that you feel like, such as bondage, caressing, squeezing, etc.

Room Rental

Would you like to experience a night out with your partner or lover full of excitement and romance? Our exclusive room with sensual lighting and mirrors creates an intimate atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. Upon arrival, a drink of your choice will be waiting for you and the room is equipped with a luxurious jacuzzi where you can relax together and enjoy each other’s company. The rate for renting the room starts at €75 for a minimum of 2 hours, and each additional hour costs €35. Our room is ideal for couples looking for a night out where they can let go. Experience an unforgettable experience now and book your night out in our exclusive room with sensual lighting and mirrors.

Prices for our room rental

Minimum 2 hours – €75
Every additional hour – €35